Reporting Child Sexual Abuse Material

If you encounter a description or depiction of child sexual abuse or other exploitative or offensive descriptions or depictions of a child (child abuse material) online or other offensive and illegal content, you can report it to the Australian eSafety Commissioner or directly to the Australian Centre To Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE). For more information on online child safety see the AFP ThinkUKnow website.

Report to the eSafety Commissioner.

Report to the ACCCE.

More Information about reporting Child Abuse Material: how to make a report (ThinkUKnow).

Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Phone Triple Zero (000) if it’s an emergency or if you believe a child is in immediate danger or in a life-threatening situation.

Has your child or a child you know disclosed they have been or are being sexually abused? Do you suspect a child may be the victim of sexual abuse? Reporting child sexual abuse can be confronting and upsetting, but it may be the first important step in helping the child and preventing further harm.

Resources for reporting Child Sexual Abuse in your state can be found on the Bravehearts reporting child sexual abuse page.