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Before you get started, please accept our sincerest appreciation for your willingness to contribute to our endeavours. We aim to improve outcomes for victims and survivors who have experienced abuse, which has been documented or recorded, and/or otherwise made available online.

This abuse material can be used a range of professional purposes whether it be for the investigative and judicial system; in research and crime prevention; or the creation and application of software to prevent and detect abuse . Whatever the case, we hope to amplify the survivors' voices throughout these processes. This is a first of it’s kind project. There is no current research which highlights, or expresses the needs and perspectives of survivors within the manner in which such material in these ways. What little research does exist, is superficial, and has extremely limited scope.

  • Your voice matters.
  • Your perspective and opinion matters.
  • Your lived experience, and the contribution of your efforts through your participation will impact change.

We are conducting an anonymous online survey to raise the profile of the project, and to gather information about awareness and understanding of institutional use of CSAM.

We are keen to hear from those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse of any kind. You can complete the survey whether or not CSAM/CSEM is part of your lived experience.

Some things to remember before you start the survey process:

  • All questions on this survey are optional. You do not have to answer any questions you do not want to answer.
  • If using free text fields, please try not to identify yourself or others by name. This will help ensure confidentiality.
  • We will not ask you to disclose any personal details about the abuse you experienced. This research is only asking for your views, informed by your own experience on how material depicting child sexual exploitation or abuse may be used by police and other institutions.
  • A reminder that you are not under any obligation to participate in this study. You can choose not to take part, to skip questions, or to withdraw from participation at any time, up until you submit the survey.
  • As the survey is anonymous, you will be unable to withdraw a completed survey from the research.

We value your contribution and we acknowledge the courage and bravery it takes to be vulnerable and share your opinions and experiences. We unquestionably stand with you and where there lies any doubt, we affirm that a child cannot give consent, and child abuse is NEVER the child’s fault.

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To learn more about the research process, including consent, data collection, privacy and our ethics approval, your can dowload the formal research victim and survivor formal research Explanatory Statement .